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I must apologize for being a horrible blogger this summer. Though, truth be told, I'm always a horrible summer-time blogger. The older my kids get, the rarer the opportunity to spend time with them. So, family time cuts into productivity time. 

But it's not like I've been a total slug. I have a story outlined and I have about 40,000 words written. 

I've also rehabbed both my bathrooms. My son asked me why I chose to tear into both bathrooms at once and the only good answers I could come up with were 1) they both needed it 2) querying is such a slow process and a total emotional drain, it's nice to direct creative energies into something with an immediate pay off. 

The upstairs bath. The last time it was painted, the boys were little so it was fine in zoo animals. They weren't thrilled to see their elephants and lions go, so I redid the room in manly style...all but the polar bear. He's a left over from the zoo. 
My favorite add- the shelf. When my oldest was one, he helped his dad plant a maple tree in the front yard. It's roots kept getting into the sewage line, so it had to be cut down. My husband saved a section of the tree and turned it into a shelf. 

The colors are the same as before because I like my curtains and didn't want to change them

But the bath got a new tub surround, flooring, and baseboards. The baseboards weren't even a day old and the puppy chewed the corner. She's damned lucky she's cute. 

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